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Beauty and Well-Being Services

The “Revive” Facial- Holistic Facelift

A perfect firming beauty boost consisting of the Japanese Cosmo Facelift! Start off with a basic facial and add non-invasive lifting techniques! At the end of the treatment an all natural and organic Botox Effect Serum is applied! Rejuvenate and pack a powerful punch with this relaxing facelift and say goodbye to wrinkles on face & neck! End the treatment with a choice of calf and foot massage, neck and shoulder massage, scalp massage, or hand and arm massage.

60 minute session $65, includes client consultation form and discussion of skin concerns, including diet and daily skin care regimen.

Packages: mini package – 6 sessions $320, full package – 12 sessions $640

Note: When buying 6 treatments it is best to come at least every 2 weeks, and for 12 sessions, at least once a week. Afterwards, Maintenance should be 1 treatment every 3-4 weeks.


The Starter – Basic facial consisting of a cleanse, exfoliation, steam, acupressure massage, and a customized mask and moisturizer to follow! 55 minute session $50

The Express Mini – Consists of cleansing, exfoliation, application of a mask, toner, and moisturizer.  Customized skin care.   30 minute session $35

Face Reflexology – Through firm touch and muscle manipulation to the face, Face Reflex techniques restore the energy, sending balance to blocked areas that it needs the most. Face Reflexology works to send a message to the Central Nervous System (CNS) to direct the energy to specific organs and glands to regulate your blood, lymph, and hormones, and most importantly, boost your immune system.  20-minute sample session $30, 45-60 minute session $50

Foot Reflexology – The application of pressure to areas of the feet, helps to relax and alleviate stress, working through meridians, the spine line to relieve pain, and organ systems of the body. 45-60 minute session $50

24k Gold Eye Refresh & Reflex Therapy – This refreshing & anti-aging eye treatment w/ chilled porcelain spoons addresses puffiness & dark circles. An eye massage & specific nerve & acupressure points around eyes, followed by a 24k gold collagen eye patch for instant lifting & firming. 25 minute session, $30 Diminish eye puffiness, toxins, dark circles, and fine lines with this amazing treatment!

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket –  Detoxify environmental toxins, heavy metals, kill resistant types of bacteria, burn 300 calories per 30 minutes, relieve pain by penetrating tissues, joints, and muscles, boost collagen and reduce wrinkles, stimulate circulation to increase blood flow, relax and sleep better at night! 30 minutes $30, 45 minutes $40

Men’s Signature Facial – Thorough Cleansing, toning, exfoliation, combined with a calming massage and a nourishing mask, and moisturizer. Helps relieve razor burn and leaves skin glowing and soft to the touch! 55 minute session $50


Spa Teen Complexion – Clarifying Facial

Using top quality botanical extracts and essential oils we came up with the perfect treatment for radiant, glowing skin! Reduce oil, absorb impurities, exfoliate, soothe, and balance blemished skin. (ages 13-18) 60 minutes, Mon. – Th, $45  Fri. & Sat. $50

Chocolate Facial – Moisturizing Facial

Enjoy a luxurious facial with the benefits of chocolate! Blended with ingredients to revive and compliment your teenage beauty! Start with a thorough cleansing, exfoliating and end with a relaxing facial massage and CHOCOLATE! Yum!  (ages 13-18) 60 minutes, Mon. – Th, $45    Fri. & Sat. $50

Service Add ons:

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel $5 Available mid August until end of November

Chocolate Peppermint AHA Peel $5

Deep Sea Algae Mask & Peel $5

15 minute calf & foot massage $20