“Far Earth Botanicals has the best products. The owner Rachel is so kind and nice and very helpful in explaining her procedures. Her products are excellent. I use her body lotion made specifically for my skin type. Creme 9 is absolutely the creme for rashes and bug bites or minor skin irritation.
I would recommend this company to everyone!!” – Lisa Confer, Georgetown, DE

“Rachel’s product are awesome! From her facial which leaves you feeling like a million bucks and trust me when she’s finished you want more!! From her Black Magic Foaming Facial Cleanser which leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, and who doesn’t want silky smooth skin…to her Multi-Action Lifting Peptide Serum which lifts, firms, and decreases wrinkles. She has other great products but these are my 2 favorites! I am proud to say at 63 these gems work! We all want to look our best and trust me these will do it!! Thank you Rachel for making me look and feel better!” -Kathy Young, Franchise Owner, Pottstown, PA

“If you haven’t tried the sunless tanning lotion you are missing out! I love having some color during the summer but don’t want to risk skin cancer so I tried the sunless tanner and it is amazing! It goes on so easily and doesn’t streak and smells so good!

The Vitamin C product helped really reduce the appearance of age spots that I had on my face, absolutely amazing!!

I recently tried the face wash and it left my face feeling so smooth.

Honestly there isn’t one single product that I’ve tried that I haven’t fallen in love with.

Thank you so much for what you do Rachel 😊” – Alene Weyandt

“Far Earth Botanicals products are absolutely amazing!!! Not only are they all natural and organic base but how these products leave your skin is beyond words. My skin has never looked better even when I was in my twenties.
As for facials, I highly recommend you see Rachel who is the owner and operator. She is highly educated and knowledgeable in all areas. After she does her magic you will look and feel better than you ever had. So look on her website, make a facial appointment and enjoy looking and feeling better!!! You deserve it!!” – Kristen Koegel, Reading, PA

“I absolutely love getting pampered at Far Earth Botanicals;. Rachel is the best around. I’m the type of person who has a hard time sitting still and relaxing. But with that being said, I can fall asleep and relax very quick when Rachel is working on my face. I also suffer from very severe allergies and I notice the difference under my eyes immediately, along with my skin glowing for days after my appointment. Her skin care products are amazing and my skin always looks beautiful. Make an appointment with Rachel, I’ll guarantee you won’t be disappointed.” – Tiffany Kline, Muhlenberg, PA

“This is the best facial experience I’ve ever had. Your skin is completely de-puffed and vibrant with lasting results. Rachel is kind, personable, and can help anyone relax. She takes great time and care to find out your experience and concerns and to hand mix all of her own products. If one of her products isn’t available at the time you would like to purchase it, she is completely accommodating and will let you know when she can have it made if possible. I recommend her to everyone!! Do yourself a favor and go here!! And then buy gift cards for your loved ones!!” –Kara Fouse, Pittsburgh, PA

“I love coming to Far Earth Botanicals for my facial. Rachel is the best. I am completely relaxed the entire time. She takes the time to know what my areas of concern are and I always leave feeling refreshed and renewed. I have also tried the infared blanket, which I love, and recently started some body sculpting. Rachel is always looking for ways to cater to her clients needs and when you talk to her about skin care you can see how passionate she is about it. I met Rachel because of the facial but I gained more than a great esthetician, I also made a new friend.” – Kathy Serrani, Lake Wynonah, PA

“Rachel is professional but w a personal touch, her facial technique is amazing as well as all the products she makes herself. My teenage daughter and I have been using her skin care line for several years, she helped my daughter w acne and Rosacea when our Dermatologist failed . And with natural products instead of harsh creams which caused a terrible reaction and high doses of antibiotics. Thank you so much!!” – Karen Weise, Oley, PA

If any of you guys are tired of being let down by skin care products, please consider reaching out to my amazing neighbor and friend Rachel Dolla Mummolo. She is my absolute savor when it comes to skin care. I struggled with terrible redness/rashes, acne, and sensitive skin. After trying almost every skin care product out there and a disappointing dermatologist appointment where they merely told me that “my skin was angry,” I turned to Far Earth Botanicals. Rachel gave me a personalized Teen Complexion Clarifying Facial and discovered I had severe rosacea. Ever since, Rachel has been providing my mom and I with organic, handcrafted products that have made my skin the best it’s ever been, giving me the confidence to actually be seen in pictures. Please check her out on her website and show some support! Thanks guys!!! ️ Karlee Weise, Oley, PA

I use the Cleanser and the Revive Moisture Righ Night Cream. I use them both morning and night. My skin looks 5 to 10 years younger. My pores have gotten tighter, my skin has lost that “puckering” look and my rosacea is under control! – Susan Grabert, Berks County, PA