Creme 9®

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Ingredients:  Ecolife™, Copper Peptides, Oxygen Water, Willow Bark Extract, *Jojoba Oil, *Unrefined Shea Butter, Ecomulse (Ecocert emulsifier-approved for organic products), Caprylic / Capric Tryglyceride, *Broccoli Seed Oil, Birch Bark Extract, and Lactic Acid (from Kefir) UNSCENTED.

Works on Acne / Skin Disease / Viruses / Fungal Infections / Anti-Inflammatory / Anti-bacterial / Moisturizer / Heal / Psoriasis / Calm / Eczema / Ringworm / Sensitive Skin / Warts/Rosacea/cold sores


The copper peptides and the oxygen in the water break up the biofilm on the surface of the skin, transforming them to a state of healing and calming.  A safe ppm of Copper accomplishes this by killing the fungus and virus on contact.  A single ounce of this cream lasts for awhile as you only need a little bit to achevie ultimum results.

Severe skin problems may need more than the recommended amount. Use on face and body.

1 review for Creme 9®

  1. f2re2rthmanager

    The Creme 9 has helped me heal my rashes and also helps with bee stings! I love this product! Thanks Rachel! Lisa, Georgetown, DE

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