What are Far Earth Botanicals all about?

We are formerly known as Far Earth Creations. We changed our name to Far Earth Botanicals, because we felt that the word botanical says more about skin care than the word creations.  

Far Earth Botanicals is more than natural, organic skin care products! We have an amazing skin care line.

What we have developed in creating our skin care line is all about what we do here and goes beyond just selling another skin care product. We have an abundance of love and care for the world around us and the people in it.  We want to make a difference in your lives and help you get the results you are looking for.  Our heart and soul goes into each and every product we create, package and design.  All of our products are handcrafted with the utmost care, creativity, compassion, and love.  We take pride in proper handling and sterilization in every piece of equipment and all the supplies we use.  We not only carry a face and body care line for everyone, but Rachel also loves to create custom products for clients, if the need arises.

Creating custom skin care products is a process we thrive to do.  Each client comes to us with different skin types and disorders and by performing a skin analysis and consulting with them about their daily skin care regimen, which includes their health history, current diet, skin and food allergies, and assessing them with facial reflexology and face lifting techniques is what we put into each product. We want them to receive happy, healthy, positive, calming, and nourishing results on their skin and a sense of well-being through the whole mind and body by balancing, healing, calming, and grounding them. Staying abreast of the skin care industry, we thoroughly research every single natural and organic skin care ingredient for our clients, this is of the greatest importance so they achieve optimum results!

Rachel says she loves it when a client comes to her after using their custom creation and telling her how much they loved it and how it has improved their skin! 

She loves using whole flowers and plants in the products to deliver amazing results. Flowers and plants have been used since ancient times. In fact, every known civilization relied on some form of this healing mechanism.  Egyptians used various herbal preparations for skin care.  Among some of her natural beauty treasures, Cleopatra used Roses on her skin. Her skin was absolutely beautiful! Early Romans, Greeks, and Indians developed grooming aides used with a wide variety of plants.  People in America, Australia, and Pacific Islands were making plant-based preparations centuries before the first Europeans appeared.  In fact, many traditional preparations are still used today by indigenous cultures.  More recently in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, a great amount of study has been done on the healing properties of plants.  Researchers have identified active components of various plants that give them their healing properties. 

Rachel now works out of a Skin and well-being Studio on 415 Main Street In Oley, PA.  

Start your skin care and well-being journey today and visit Rachel for a free skin care consultation! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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  • Vicki Unterberger

    I am on disability from Lyme/Morgellon’s disease. Your products have done what no others have done. I have spent thousands over the years but NOTHING has helped me like your water/copper products. You have gone where no one has gone before!

    With my eternal gratitude,